The Launch of LA's Future

Social Good Strategies is proud to announce the launch of our client, Donna Bojarsky's ambitious and exciting new venture Future of Cities.  Social Good Strategies's CEO, Kate Azar, served as Chief of Staff and Advisor to the project.  

Future of Cities will spur a course-changing conversation about how to reinvigorate civic stewardship in Los Angeles.  As explained on the initiative's website:

SGS CEO, Kate Azar; Bob Johnson COO and Co-Founder, Future of Cities, Deborah Brutchey, Executive Director,  LA Works , and June Baldwin, Senior Vice President, General Counsel, Corporate & Legal Affairs,  KCET  at Future of Cities event in Beverly Hills, Calif., June 2, 2015, Photo by Jonathan Alcorn   — with  Kate Azar  in  Los Angeles, California .

SGS CEO, Kate Azar; Bob Johnson COO and Co-Founder, Future of Cities, Deborah Brutchey, Executive Director, LA Works, and June Baldwin, Senior Vice President, General Counsel, Corporate & Legal Affairs, KCET at Future of Cities event in Beverly Hills, Calif., June 2, 2015, Photo by Jonathan Alcorn — with Kate Azar in Los Angeles, California.

“Cities are recognized as the most important laboratory for a successfully organized society, and ground zero for creative ambition. Los Angeles is an important hub with powerful symbolic value. Yet, it is often overlooked for the role it plays in the world both financially and culturally. We are hindered by a traditionally weak civic fabric. LA is a segmented city lacking a dynamic, engaged and representative leadership cadre. Furthermore, we have precious limited infrastructure to bring forth a new generation dedicated to a sustainable world-class city.

This is the perfect time to promote a new kind of civic stewardship representative of today’s Los Angeles – a region of unparalleled diversity, technology, entertainment, media, venture capital, environmental consciousness, and creative capital.

Future of Cities: Leading in LA is a civic initiative that aims to reinvigorate the involvement of civic leaders in creating a vibrant, cutting edge future for Los Angeles. Our goal is to marry vision, leadership and results to fulfill LA’s ambitions and uplift this city.


On June 2nd, Future of Cities launched with a reception at the home of philanthropists Jeanne and Tony Pritzker with more than 100 civic leaders, philanthropists and activists, including Moby, LACMA's Michael Govan, The California Endowment's Robert K. Ross, President of Disney/ABC Television Group, Ben Sherwood, among others from across business, entertainment and philanthropy.  

Future of Cities will hold its first public event on October 19th at LACMA's Bing Theater. To attend, join the initiative and receive additional information, you can sign up here

Award winning musician and activist   Moby at the   Future of Cities event in Beverly Hills   on June 2nd. 

Award winning musician and activist Moby at the Future of Cities event in Beverly Hills on June 2nd. 

Press coverage of the event below. A full photo gallery from the event can be found on the Future of Cities Facebook page.

New future of LA initiative launches in a big way  Kevin Roderick - LA Observed
“More than 100 civic leaders, movers and activists gathered to lend support to a new effort to engage Los Angeles leadership in fresh ways….Bojarsky took a show of hands to see how many in the crowd were native Angelenos or had moved to LA (about half and half) then made a point by asking how many planned to leave. I didn't see any hands, which gave her an opening to press for their greater involvement in local affairs.”

Hollywood Tapped to Support 'Future of Cities' Initiative  Tina Daunt - Hollywood Reporter
“At a kickoff event this week, Donna Bojarsky brought a Beverly Hills living room crowded with movers-and-shakers from virtually every facet of Los Angeles life up to speed on her plans to bring that process back home in a grand new salon whose purpose is nothing less than the reimagination and revitalization of her city’s civic culture. Her new initiative — which is receiving final support from Disney, ABC, Sony Studios, ICM, and CAA — is called Future of Cities: Leading In L.A.”

Los Angeles Group Aims to Make the City ‘World Class’  Ted Johnson – Variety
“Los Angeles has a rather checkered history with the term “civic engagement.” Its disconnectedness seems to translate into low voter turnout for citywide elections or participation in cultural institutions. Hollywood, the industry, seems more apt to portray the city’s apocalypse than its moves toward livability.

Critic's Notebook: Visionaries search for key to civic engagement in L.A.  Christopher Hawthorne - LA Times
“Bojarsky is right, of course, that L.A.'s civic fabric has long been flimsy and prone to fray; for many decades, the city has been far better at promoting, and enabling, individual than collective ambition.”

Less Bike Lanes, More Jobs: 100 Civic Leaders Ponder L.A.’s Future  Marielle Wakim – LA Magazine
“Upon visiting L.A. in 1926, journalist H.L. Mencken noted “there were more morons collected in Los Angeles than in any other place on earth.” If he were still alive to be argued with, the movers and shakers at Tuesday’s Future of Cities launch event—including LACMA director Michael Govan, Moby, and our own editor in chief Mary Melton—would have taken Mencken to task. Founded by longtime city activist and Democratic Party consultant Donna Bojarsky, Future of Cities is an initiative that seeks to galvanize Los Angeles leaders into doing away with L.A.’s overt lack of civic cohesion and replacing it with an invested network of impassioned citizens.”