Guest blog from SGS Summer Intern Shanthi Bolla

Our wonderful Summer 2015 intern, Shanthi Bolla guest blogged about her experience as an intern for SGS. Read about her experience working with our team:

Being an intern for a company or specific person is a murky concept. You don’t really know what is to be expected of you, what your role will be, if you will make a difference or if you’ll just be getting coffee and answering phones like popular culture has led us to believe. Being a virtual intern is even more vague. But as I learned from interning with Social Good Strategies, it can be extremely valuable.

I spent the majority of my time doing, really what I wanted. Kate and I sat down at our first meeting and discussed what I wanted out of this internship and what she was looking for from me as the intern and then made a list of shared goals. As the only employee for a company that was not yet a year old, she wanted not just an intern, but someone she could bounce ideas off of and help her on her journey of finding the solid ground her company belonged on. As a first time intern, I wanted to work for someone that I could learn from and would take me seriously as someone whose opinions mattered.

Through this internship I learned an impressive amount about giving, especially in the Orange County area. I learned about so many incredible organizations that are working diligently to make this world a better place, I learned once more how vital a little help is to people in need, and I learned what it means to be a woman starting her own business and maintaining on in uncharted territory. It was an amazing experience, interning for Social Good Strategies and especially seeing Kate create her own path, inspiring my future in the best way possible. I cannot wait to see how Social Good Strategies develops and all the remarkable giving that comes from the efforts of Kate Azar and her clients.


Shanti is a 4th year student at The University of California, Irvine. She interned with SGS for the Summer 2015 term. 

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