The recent presidential election has inspired incredible civic action and discussion. What's clear is the need and desire for a higher level of informed, fact-based discussion about our country's politics.  

With that goal in mind, and the help of some influential friends and colleagues, we are launching a series of invitation-only salons in Southern California aimed at discussing some of the most pressing national and international, social and political issues of our time.  The objective will be to identify a series of strategies to positively engage our society, through politics, civic action, philanthropy and more. 

Each event will feature a noteworthy speaker who will lead our discussion. The events will be free but by invitation only. Instead of asking you to buy a ticket, each event will spotlight a different NGO or nonprofit, chosen by our host, that is making a difference in our world. In lieu of the admission cost, we encourage you to donate $25 or more to this cause. 

The discussions will be informative and the actions items will be impactful. If you'd like to attend or host an upcoming salon, click here

Our first salon featured  Dr.  Amir Bagherpour, a former State Department official who served in numerous capacities under Secretaries of State of Clinton and Kerry; and Progress Humanity, a nonprofit organization focusing on economic development across Sub-Saharan Africa. 


Amir is a founding partner and Chief Analytics Officer of giStrat. He is an expert in the application of quantitative methods to social science with a particular emphasis on game theory and international relations. He is also a non-resident scholar at the University of Virginia’s Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy. Dr. Bagherpour served as the Director of Data Analytics in the Office of the Secretary of State. More at

Cassandra has worked as a marketing consultant for the past 14 years serving a variety of clients in the entertainment industry, Silicon Valley and most recently in foreign policy. In entertainment, Cassandra worked with several Grammy winners as well as TV and film actors. Working in technology, she helped launch Microsoft CRM 3.0 around the country and wore ‘several hats’ as a consultant to technology companies in the Bay Area and Seattle doing activities such as client services, business development, marketing strategy, project management, event management, product launches, public relations and social media strategy. Cassandra has produced and managed over 200 events around the United States as well as internationally. Besides entertainment PR, Cassandra also works in foreign policy conflict and crisis communications. More at

Kate currently serves as the Executive Director of the Long Beach Public Library Foundation, a multi-million dollar foundation that raises funds for all 12 of Long Beach's public library system and promotes literacy and education throughout one of the biggest and most diverse city's in the nation.

She is also the CEO and Principal Philanthropy Adviser at Social Good Strategies, a philanthropy "match-making" firm in Newport Beach that links high-net-worth individuals and companies with social causes. More at